Today we headed to a university located just outside of Sololá, Guatemala. It is an excellent university called Valle.

We were hoping to sign up 5 students. The group was so excited.  Two of the students, Marvin and Francisco, are entering second year studying Mathematics and agriculture, respectively.

Juana Maria signed up to study to be a special education teacher.

We were hoping to sign up Diego S. and Diego P. to study physical education. We had a meeting with the head of the program and he explained to us what this 3 year course cost and it’s requirements. This course is a 3 day a week course on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And costs Q550 a month. With cost of transportation being Q50 a day; the minimum cost would be Q1100 or $200 CND a month. We unfortunately do not have this much money. There is a possible silver lining. The 2 boys have to write 3 tests to get into the course: math, Spanish and writing. If they are in the top 35 students they will receive a scholarship. This scholarship drops the monthly cost to Q330. In addition, it pays the successful student Q700 a month. This would not only make it possible for each boy to attend but would give them additional money for helping their families. They will be writing their exams on Monday.

They also have a 2 hour physical test…..running and participating in sports.

We visited a local secondhand store and purchased running shoes. Can you believe we had to pay $60 CND for each pair of shoes!!!!

We will know on the 27th if they are successful.