Aldea Maya is very excited to be partnering with “Days For Girls” and starting a micro enterprise focussing on women’s health issues and breathable, waterproof, flannel sanitary pads in the Santiago Atitlan area.

One of our volunteers on Vancouver Island visited the DFG Courtenay chapter to learn about making the pads. This wonderful group makes sanitary pads every week and donates them to help women all over the world.

They have been very busy supplying to areas hit by disasters.

At the same time, we have started to set up our DFG micro enterprise with ” Pueblo a Pueblo” a wonderful U.S. NGO that works in our area of Guatemala. Both of our NGO’s will have 2 women making the pads and teaching about women’s health.

Our 2 administrators of women’s health are Ana and Juana Maria. They both graduated high school this year with a focus of education. They are very excited about this opportunity.