Today was a day of celebration.

We decided to have a party with the students graduating high school this year. We also included the 4  students that graduated last year. These are the students that were in the first year of the Chuk Muk middle school that Aldea Maya started in 2012. To have so many students graduate high school is a huge accomplishment when most students in rural Guatemala do not go past grade 6.

To make this party really special we invited David. David was the old elementary school director who did ALL the paperwork to allow Chuk Muk to have a government certified school. We wanted to show David the fruits of his labour.

 We also had an added treat at the party which was letting the students know that they were sponsored for university.

We presently have 3 students in this group in university….Marvin who is studying to be a math teacher, Cristobal who is studying system Engineering and Francisco who is studying Agricultural Engineering. In the group who will start university in 2018 we have high school teacher, elementary teacher, lawyer, business administration, 2 P.E. teacher and 3 for social work. We still need to raise money for one more, Andres, who wants to be a Spanish teacher.

I also had fun teaching the group Sudoku.