Over the last month Aldea Maya has been collecting the sponsor  student report cards. We check every report card and if the student is struggling we set up tutoring sessions.

We gave each student a package of pencils, 3 felt pens and dental floss when they brought in their report card.

The students have also been receiving their shoes. To ensure that all the families took the nutrition and cooking classes on chaya we did not buy the students shoes until the moms or grandmas had taken the course.

When the students start a new school they need a school uniform. The girls uniform is a corte ( skirt) and Guipil ( blouse). The girls have to embroider the guipil. It therefore takes a few months before we can take a picture of a girl student in her uniform.  The advantage of having tradition clothing as uniforms is that the traditions are being kept alive and the young women have beautiful clothing that will last many years.